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Arthur's Jelly Beans

Rating 4 stars
Arthurs Jelly Beans

LB Kids

Author: Marc Brown


Arthur wins the jelly bean hunt at Muffy's Spring Fling party in an unexpected way.
I plan to reveal to you this brilliant book titled Arthur's Jelly Beans. The author is Marc Brown and the publisher is LB Kids. The was available in March of 2004. The paperback children's book is meant for ages 12 months+ and is focused on Parties and is perceived as great fiction. This is the 1st ed. of Arthur's Jelly Beans is 24 pages long and it has colorfully illustrated pages. It accentuates Aardvark, Jellybeans and Games, add to cart by clicking on the hyperlink below.

Muffy is getting a Spring Fling party total with the Egg Push, the Bunny Hop too due to the fact the Jelly Bean Hunt for the grand prize of a large chocolate egg! Who will win the Jelly Bean Hunt? Everyone wants to win, but poor Arthur is so slow at everything. While the others fill their bags, Arthur finds one, then two, ever so slowly.


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