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Arthur's Mystery Babysitter

Rating 4 stars
Arthurs Mystery Babysitter

LB Kids

Author: Marc Brown


Arthur, D.W. and Kate have a mystery babysitter coming to watch them. Who can it be? Arthur and D.W. let their imaginations go crazy trying to guess.
Your children will love Arthur's Mystery Babysitter by Marc Brown. The author is Marc Brown and it was published by LB Kids. This book was available on bookshelves on the 1st of September, 2004. The paperback child's book is meant for ages 12 months and up, and talks about Babysitters as well as Arthur and Aardvark and is perceived as nice fiction. This version is the 1st ed. of the book has 24 pages and it is loaded with wonderfully colored illustrations. As you read, visualize the actual scenario within your mind. To get a copy at the cheapest price, click on our affilate link.

The babysitter is really a surprise, says Dad, but to Arthur and D. W. , she's over a surprise-she's a mystery! Their imaginations run wild wondering who will take care of them for the evening-will it be a pirate, a robot, aliens from outer space-or even worse, Mr. Ratburn? When the doorbell finally rings, their panic turns to relief when they find out that their babysitter isn't such a mystery, after all-it's good old Grandma Thora!


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