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Arthur's Nose : 25TH Anniversary Limited Edition

Rating 4 stars
Arthurs Nose 25TH Anniversary Limited

Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

Author: Marc Brown

Unhappy with his nose, Arthur visits the rhinologist to get a new one.
The author is Marc Brown and it is published by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers. This book became available in April of 2001. The hardcover book is for ages 36 months+ and is concerning Nose and it is considered fine fiction. This is the Rev. 1st ed. of the book is 40 pages long and it provides you with a variety of artistically colored illustrations. It also focuses on Animals and Aardvark. If you prefer a copy of this children's book for your children, check out our affilate button below.

In this anniversary edition of Arthur's Nose, Arthur fans old and new can see how their favorite aardvark and his friends have developed over the twenty-five years since this initial Arthur Adventure was published. The all-new scrapbook pages are complete of fun facts at the same time as a letter from the author on how Arthur began. Photos from Marc Brown's personal archives reveal how the characters and events from the Arthur books are according to the author's family, friends, and experiences. This actually is 1 Arthur Adventure readers won't want to miss!

After 25 years of Arthur adventures, enthusiastic readers still agree with all the conclusion from the very initial book about this Everychild aardvark:"There's a lot more to Arthur than his nose. ). (Note the spooky similarity between Brown's sister, Bonnie, and Arthur's sister, D. W. --Brown doesn't deny it!"This 25th anniversary edition includes, in addition to the original story, Arthur's Nose, a scrapbook of fun facts, photos, and letters all about the evolution of Arthur over the years. Readers can compare photos of author Marc Brown's family with pictures of Arthur and his household. A special illustrated section demonstrates just how much this friendly fellow's nose has changed, from a long, droopy, aardvarky nose in 1976, gradually shortening more than the years to his nearly nonexistent schnoz today. In a letter to his fans, Brown describes how Arthur came to be, and how he has created more than the years. Arthur has also acquired glasses plus a much sunnier disposition far more than the final quarter century.

In Arthur's Nose, first grader Arthur decides that he doesn't like his nose. (Ages 4 to 8) --Emilie Coulter Fans of Arthur's First Kiss, Arthur Accused! , Arthur and the Crunch Cereal Contest, and the a lot of other Arthur titles, is going to be thrilled to acquire a peek behind the scenes in this very unique edition. He goes to the rhinologist to modify it, but ultimately decides, towards the relief of his close friends and family,"I'm just not me without my nose!"Luckily for readers today, Arthur is still Arthur, even with out the original elongated proboscis.


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