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Arthur's Tree House

Rating 4 stars
Arthurs Tree House

LB Kids

Author: Marc Brown

Arthur enjoys his tree house by himself and also with his family and friends.
Arthur's Tree House by Marc Brown is the right children's book. Written by Marc Brown and it was published sometime in March of 2007 by LB Kids. The book is intended for ages 12 months+ and is concerning Tree houses and is considered outstanding fiction. This is the 1st ed. of Arthur's Tree House is 24 pages long and it offers artistically colored illustrations. It focuses on Aardvark. The child's book dimensions are 7.87" Height x 7.99" Length x 0.12" Width. It weighs roughly 0.15 lbs.

In Arthur's Tree House, Arthur is excited about his new Bionic Bunny comic book, but he can't find a quiet spot to study. The only spot Arthur finds is in a tree. This provides his dad an concept. Dad is vacuuming the bedroom, Mom is busy inside the kitchen, D. W. is practicing ballet in the living room, and Pal wants to play. Soon Arthur has his really personal tree house, exactly where he can go with his friends, family, or just to be alone!


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